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Acc-sees 45 / 7″ Record Box Storage – Black


We are an authorised Acc-sees dealership so you can be assured of a genuine product backed by full manufacturer warranty.

Give your vinyl records the very best care – Acc-Sees 50 Vinyl Storage Box

A must have vinyl accessory for any record collector or music enthusiastic!

Vinyl records can easily damage and their covers quickly get bent and worn if they are not looked after correctly. Acc-Sees range of Vinyl Record Storage Boxes offer perfect protection for your 7″ singles. With an egg crate foam lid, fully lined interior and aluminium design with a durable stucco finish creating a stylish and highly effective vinyl storage solution, you will have peace of mind that your treasured vinyl record collection will stay in pristine condition.

In stock ready for immediate dispatch with full UK VAT receipt.

Carbon Fibre Anti-Static Vinyl Cleaning Brush


Produced to the most exacting standards, this brush is the vinyl collectors must have accessory, prolonging the life of your valuable collection and reducing stylus wear whilst optimizing playback quality.  It conditions and cleans the grooves of LPs and singles by removing dust and fluff, while at the same time discharging static without damaging the delicate playing surface.

We recommend always cleaning your records with a good quality carbon fibre brush every time before playing.